How it works:


Bluebells and Blossom offer a modern approach to preserving your wedding flowers and making them into an elegant keepsake for you to cherish and remind you of your special day. I put a huge amount of time and effort into pressing your flowers so they retain their detail and colour as best as possible and I then display them in handmade white wooden frames which are made to order. If you are based in Devon the flowers can be brought to me. If you are elsewhere in the country the flowers can be posted. To see my latest work find me on Instagram at Bluebellsandblossomuk and also look at the gallery section on this website.


wedding bouquet preservation Devon

wedding bouquet preservation Devon

Once I receive your flowers the pressing process can take between 4 to 8 weeks depending on the time of year. Once they are ready you will be contacted with some designs to choose from. Once a design has been agreed, your frame will be made to order and will be ready within the following 4 weeks, again depending on the time of year. The flowers will be displayed in a similar way to these pictured with plenty of space around the flowers so they can be appreciated for their individual beauty. Please note I do not make ‘recreation bouquet’ designs where the flowers are layered up to look like the original bouquet. 

The price of a 35cm by 30cm frame including pressing service is £250. 

With any leftover flowers I can make extra smaller handmade glass frames which can make a lovely gift for members of the wedding party – please see the frames in my shop section for examples of these. Any flowers that are not used in the design will be sent back to you with your finished frames.



wedding bouquet preservation Devon

This is also the perfect wedding gift for you so keep in mind that you can ask guests to purchase gift vouchers from us for you to use towards your keepsake. I only accept a certain number of commissions each month so it is important to book your space with me early on in the planning of your wedding, just like you do with other important wedding suppliers. Not all flowers are suitable for our pressing methods so we can only accept a booking once you have your florist booked and have agreed the flower varieties and colours which will be used for your wedding. Bulky flowers like Protea, Chrysanthemum blooms, Lilies and Orchids are not suitable and neither are a lot of dried flowers. I only accept a booking if I am confident I can make a good design with the flowers and foliage provided to me so please contact us via the form below so I can discuss your keepsake with you. If your wedding has taken place already send me an email to with a photo of your flowers in their current condition and I’ll see if I have any availability for you to send me your flowers the following day. I look forward to chatting to you!!


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