I make all of my glass frames by hand and a lot of time, effort and love goes into them. I grow a lot of the flowers that I use, I carefully press them, create the designs, cut the glass and solder the frames. I love every part of the process and so I make as many as I can to list in my shop. I only have a certain amount of a lot of the flowers I use so there is only usually a few available of each thing, and sometimes there may only be one of a frame, making them a very unique item. And if you like a particular flower but want it in a different shaped frame or size drop me a message and I will see what I can do. What I love to make more than anything is custom orders. So if you have something special you would like me to make I would love to hear from you. I get requests from people who have flowers they have pressed themselves, or would like a frame made for an anniversary gift including flowers that they had in their wedding bouquet. As well of course from couples who would like me to press their wedding flowers and make something extra special.  Here are some of the commonly asked questions I get:


WILL THE FLOWER COLOURS IN MY FRAME FADE – All pressed flowers can fade in colour but a lot of things like Gypsophila, Daisies, Ferns and other foliage hold their colour really well, and so in my shop I tend to use flowers and foliage that I know wont change too much in colour. I like the challenge of pressing vibrantly coloured flowers as for me these look the best and are the most rewarding. With a more vibrant coloured bloom there is more of a chance of some fading occuring but you can minimise this by hanging your frame out of direct sunlight.

HOW WILL I GET MY FLOWERS TO YOU – I am based in mid Devon so if you are local to me and are having wedding flowers pressed you can delegate someone in your wedding party to drop them off to me. If you are elsewhere in the country you can post them to me. And if you already have some pressed flowers that you would like me to make design from you can send them to me through the post.

CAN YOU PRESS ANY WEDDING FLOWERS – No, not all flowers are suitable for pressing. This is why I can only take a booking once you have your  florist booked and you have agreed the types of flowers you will be using.

WHAT WILL MY DESIGN LOOK LIKE – Your design options offered will depend on what your wedding flowers are. I can give you a better idea of what I think will look best once I have received the completed enquiry form on the wedding page.

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO I NEED TO PUT MY DEPOSIT DOWN AND BOOK. As soon as you have your venue booked and have agreed your flowers with your florist. I am a small business and therefore I can only take a certain number of wedding commissions each month so please reach out to me as early as possible.

IM ALREADY MARRIED, CAN YOU CREATE SOMETHING FOR ME AS AN ANNIVERSARY GIFT? Yes I can! If you can send me a picture of your wedding flowers I will see if I have some flowers already pressed that are suitable to use. This is a great anniversary gift idea.